Author Branding using Author Central Account

Yippie! Your ebook is published. Now, you need to set up your Author Central Account.

When you received notification from Amazon on your publishing success, they included several links to where you can set up an Author Page. Below is how you can set up the page for (US), and then you can simply copy and paste the information into all the other Amazon accounts.

Amazon Author Central

You can sign in with your account, but if not, JOIN NOW and use the same login and password (makes it easier to remember).

NOTE: you must have a book published on Amazon before you can access Author Central.

Once you are logged in you want to connect to your books.

Link to your Books

  1. Click the text link that says “list of your books” under the heading Update your Author Page
  2. Click Add more books button
  3. Search by your name or the title of the book. Add it to your list


Click the Profile tab in the top menu

On the right you will see your personal link to your author page. You can share this link form your blog. This is also the link that will display your Author Page anytime someone clicks your name next to your book. Without an Author page, clicking your name link will only display a generic Amazon page with your books.

Example: this is the link to my Author Page:

Add your Biography – keep it clean, professional, and typo-free!

Bio Image: Add a photo professional image of you.

Blog Feed Click “add blog”and add your blog feed url. It is commonly something like this:

Twitter if you don’t have a twitter account (get one). Your tweets will post here.

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