ERROR: Kindle Table of Contents is Missing

QUESTION: I Created my ebook with a linkable table of contents. But when I view it on my Kindle or in the Kindle Previewer, it says the table of contents is missing. What am I doing wrong?

It can be really frustrating to create a table of contents only to have Kindle tell you it is missing. This is a common error. You scream “It does exist. I just created it!”

But did you define it in the content.opf file?

All the elements and structure of your books resides in that little file called the content.opf. To have the ebook recognize your Linkable table of contents, you need to add the SEMANTICS for that page in the reference section. It looks like this:

<reference href=”Text/toc.xhtml” title=”Table of Contents” type=”toc” />

Now, I am not going to go through all the actual code within the content.opf file. I recommend you download the free SIGIL program and let it create the file for you. However, if you REALLY want to learn how to create the content. opf file, then there are plenty of sources on the internet.


SIGIL, the WYSIWYG e-book editor, is perfect for automatically creating the content.opf file.

  1. Open the file in the SIGIL program
  2. Right click the toc.xhtml page
  3. Select Semantics > Table of Contents
  4. Save your file.

I recommend that any time you make changes to your file — run the TOC Editor again, and save.

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