Hunting for Bear, Let's Play Hide and Seek


Hunting for Bear, Let’s Play Hide and Seek


by Sumi Fyhrie

Adam loves to play with his best friend, Bear. Today, they are playing Hide and Seek. See if you can find bear in this fun playtime adventure.

A Count With Me book: Hidden inside are things in threes. Can you find them all? Come along with me.

counting, rhymes, sounds, playtime, imagination

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Hunting for Bear
Let’s Play Hide and Seek

32 pages, Full Color illustrations
ISBN: 978-1937333-34-8
First Steps Publishing
Publication Date: October 2017
Retail Price $14.95

Bear loves to play Hide and Seek,
While Adam is counting, Bear says “Don’t peek.”

Adam looks in a forest of tall, green trees.
“Woof, woof,” says Bear. “He can’t see me.”

Adam explores Bear’s cave, it is dark and small.
“Woof, woof,” says Bear. “Do you see bats on the wall?”

Help Adam find Bear in this fun, playtime adventure.

tina-sumiSumi Fyhrie’s passion is writing YA, NA and children’s books with “Billy Beetle Bug and the Beetle Bug Board” and “Pandas on Parade” releasing October 2015 through First Steps Publishing.

When not writing, Fyhrie enjoys painting, drawing, traveling and taking walks on the beach with her husband, looking for fossils and agates. (Sumi Fyhrie is a pen name of Suzanne Fyhrie Parrott)

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