The Rejected Writers’ Book Club by Suzanne Kelman

Hilariously Off-The-Wall, Loved it. (5 stars)

The Rejected Writers’ Book Club. Need I say more? The title alone indicates that this book will be in direct opposition to every writer/author out there. But in what sense?

A humorous rollercoaster ride not unlike Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Who in their right in mind would be horrified at getting a letter for publication? Any of the ladies in the Rejected Writers’ Book Club, that’s who. These never-wanna-be writers come together to enjoy each others company, Doris’ delicious cakes, and each others terrible writing. In fact, they get a kick out of how bad they are, admitting with light-hearted humor that they are “horrible.”

But there is one key point in being a member: you must be a Rejected Writer. So when one of the group actually receives an acceptance, the entire group is horrified—the group will have to break up.

In order to regain her membership status, the once-rejected lady is determined to go straight to the publisher and demand he reject her work. And if he refuses, then she’s prepared to stage a sit-in, complete with chains.

This story is so hilariously off-the-wall it had me rolling with laughter. When they go on their road trip to San Francisco, the story just got better. From car breakdowns to landslides to deep snow, these woman stuck together, helping not only each other but shining a bright light on others around them. It was thoroughly uplifting how these wonderful, yet horrible writers, could make lemonade out of oranges.

The novel depicts the truest form of friendship, how first impressions can be misguided and the bond between friends can be stronger than an unwashed, ghost-telling vagrant, and sweeter than Dora’s Carrot Cake. A well written novel in the coziest of formats.

So pass the cake and let’s hear more of your horrible poetry, please.

I received a pre-release book from Net Galley for my honest opinion, HOWEVER, I enjoyed it so much I purchased a copy.

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